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An examination of gender, religion,

and other issues

in one of SciFi's most famous films

There can be no understanding between the hands and the brain unless the heart acts as a mediator.


Fritz Lang was famous in Germany even before his masterpiece Metropolis for films such as The Last Testament of Dr. Mabuse. An enemy of the Nazis as he was being recruited to direct the Nazi films, Lang was an inspiration to the German public for his revolutionary films with their messages of tolerance and equality. Lang spent much time in the United States despite his anger at the Hollywood studios for editing Metropolis so heavily, and directed many United States films, became a naturalized citizen, and is buried in California. Other famous Lang films include M, You and Me, and While the City Sleeps. This webiste will examine in depth Lang's most well-known movie, Metropolis, in several different aspects and hopes to give readers a greater understanding of underlying inspirations for the film.

This website was created by Kristina Locke, a freshman at DePauw University as a final project for a seminar on Speculative Fiction. Contact information is provided below.


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Published November 2007   Contact the author: kristinalocke_2011@depauw.edu