Can't Live with them, so We'll live Without them!: Women Only Worlds in Science Fiction

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Some things in the world appear to be immutable. The Earth is round. Teachers will assign homework. Men and women will have to work together to ensure the survival of the human race, even when they drive each other crazy.

But what if women could reproduce without men? What if women, either by choice or by necessity, learned to live in a single-gender world? What would a single-gendered society look like? Women began asking that question in earnest during the 1970s. They created worlds where women were free of the male-dominated society that challenged them in the present. The resulting works provide an interesting perspective on gender and the values of society.

I designed this web site to introduce a selection of women only worlds in science fiction literature and discuss some of the reasons why this genre exists.

Join me for an estrogen-soaked journey into the world of all-women societies!


Last Update: 3 Dec. 2009

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