Wesleyan UP's "Early Classics of Science Fiction"

Anindita Banerjee.We Modern People: Science Fiction and the Making of Russian Modernity. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan Univ. Press, 2012.
6" x 9", 208 pp., 8 illustrations
$24.95 Paperback, 978-0-8195-7334-6
$75.00 Hardcover, 978-0-8195-7333-9
$19.99 Ebook, 978-0-8195-7335-3

"The basis of this book is an original and tremendously engaging idea: that science fiction served as a crucial model for national literature in Russia. It made Russian modernity possible. Banerjee treats science fiction not as a genre but as a mode of apprehending the world."---Stephanie Sandler, Harvard University

"Making the compelling connection between mass-scale revolutionary technological projects, such as the Trans-Siberian railroad, and the avant-garde campaigns to transform the Russian/Soviet imagination, Banerjee demonstrates how the techno-political and science-fictional imaginations are entwined in the modernization process. This book is an exemplary study in linking the popularization of science with modern literature."--- Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr., author of The Seven Beauties of Science Fiction