Wesleyan UP's "Early Classics of Science Fiction"

Nicholas Ruddick. The Fire in the Stone: Prehistoric Fiction from Charles Darwin to Jean M. Auel. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan Univ. Press, 2009.
6 x 9 ", 304 pp.
$35.00 cloth ISBN 978-0-8195-6900-4

“There is no other book that connects studies of evolution to mainstream fiction so thoroughly and thoughtfully.” ---David Seed, professor of American literature, University of Liverpool

A masterly study of prehistoric fiction ... the first comprehensive study, in English, of its subject... The Fire in the Stone is neither prescriptive nor pompous, and makes its conclusions only after careful weighing of the evidence. It is, admirably, a book most of all about other books rather than its own agenda. ---Dan Hartland, Strange Horizons