Wesleyan UP's "Early Classics of Science Fiction"

Jules Verne. Invasion of the Sea (1905). Trans. Edward Baxter, ed. Arthur B. Evans. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan Univ. Press, 2001.
5½ x 8½",
288 pp., 44 illustrations
$24.95 cloth ISBN 0-8195-6465-6

"Mr. Verne's latest techno-thriller boldly confronts the menace of Islamic terrorism. He has topnotch chops in technical accuracy, with endearing dashes of broad humor and a keen eye for telling detail. Let me be the first to predict this: someday this French novelist will be known worldwide." ---Bruce Sterling, author of Zeitgeist

"A ripping good yarn." ---Harper's Magazine

"Leading off Wesleyan's 'Early Classics of Science Fiction' series, Verne's 1905 techno-thriller debuts in English, rendered by Baxter with supple decorum and reinforced by editor Arthur B. Evans's thorough scholarly notes, bibliography and Verne mini-biography. [...] Students of early SF will appreciate Evans's and Baxter's efforts in bringing Verne's late work to light." ---Publishers Weekly

"If later volumes are of this quality, this series will be an instant classic and the books ones to cherish." ---Infodad.com