Wesleyan UP's "Early Classics of Science Fiction"

Albert Robida. The Twentieth Century. Translated and with an introduction by Philippe Willems. Edited by Arthur B. Evans. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan UP, 2004.
7 " x 10", 304 pp.
$29.95 French-flap Paper, 0-8195-6680-2


"The Twentieth Century is the literary equivalent of discovering King Tut's tomb and marveling that such wonderful things were there for all these years but concealed. Wesleyan's edition will allow us to see at last one of France's hidden treasures."---Paul Alkon, University of Sothern California

"... the overall effect of this beautifully-produced volume, supplemented with extensive notes, a bibliography, and a biography of Robida, is to leave us with the impression that one of the true glories of early SF has been all but submerged for more than a cetnury, and that maybe we didn't know as much about this history as we thought we did."---Gary K. Wolfe, Locus Magazine