Wesleyan UP's "Early Classics of Science Fiction"

W. Warren Wagar, H.G. Wells: Traversing Time. Middletown, CT: Wesleyan Univ. Press, 2004.
6 x 9 ", 352 pp.
$34.95 cloth ISBN 0-8195-6725-6

“Comprehensive and compelling, assertive and argumentative, it's a lot like Wells himself, and that quality of subversive, angry brilliance lights the book from within. Wagar's examination is brisk, personal, original. In a word, wonderful.” ---Greg Bear, author of Darwin's Children

“Wagar locates Wells with acumen in the history of ideas, and underlines his persisting and provocative relevance. Traversing Time is an important book, written from the heart as well as from the head.”---Ian Watson, author of The Embedding

“... an excellent example of intellectual history...” ---Neil Barron, SFRA Review