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Understanding Medicinal Plants: Their Chemistry and Therapeutic Action

Prof. Bryan Hanson

Instructor's Resource Page for Chapter 4

Key Points

Chapter 4 is a lexicon describing the various families of plant metabolites of medicinal value.  For some courses, it may be more useful as a reference rather than material to be read straight through (for instance, in spring 2006 I did not cover this chapter except by the occasional reference).  The learning objectives below reflect some basic terminology that one would generally want students to know sooner or later, because they are so commonly encountered.  If desired, students could be required to recognize some subcategories.  For example, one could require students to not only be able to indentify alkaloids generally but also to be able to pick out indole alkaloids from a series of structures.

Learning Objectives

Teaching Ideas, Activities & Resources

Teaching the material from this chapter has the potential to go really flat and boring. I generally focus on specific chemical families as needed, and not try to do the entire chapter's material in a stand-alone fashion. To make the material more interesting, one can bring samples to class of certain classes. For instance, samples of essential oils can be used in the discussion of terpenes. A solution of witch hazel from the drug store can be used to illustrate the concept of astringency.

The background on this page is a 19th century woodcut of Phytolacca americana.
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