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Understanding Medicinal Plants: Their Chemistry and Therapeutic Action

Prof. Bryan Hanson

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Understanding Medicinal Plants is designed to help people understand how medicinal plants exert their effects on the human body. It was written for the scientifically curious, and aims for a middle ground between a technical work and and an overly simplified book for lay audiences. I would love to have your feedback (please e-mail me) on any aspect of the book, suggestions, or how you have used it in your classes.

More information on the book: Taylor & Francis, reviews.

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Suggestions for a Course using Understanding Medicinal Plants

Chapter 2 Instructor's Resources

Chapter 3 Instructor's Resources

Chapter 4 Instructor's Resources

Interlude: At this point in my Medicinal Plants for Poets course I take a break to discuss the linkages between culture and medicine. Click here to download a list of readings we cover during this period.

Chapter 5 Instructor's Resources

Chapter 6 Instructor's Resources

Chapter 7 Instructor's Resources

Additional books that might be of use

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