What's going on?
  • I am currently a freelance software developer and consultant. My areas of expertise include:
    • Development of R packages supporting science, especially spectroscopy and chemometrics. Follow the links on the menu for examples.
    • Reproducible research: the automated writing of research reports.
    • Exploratory data analysis.
    • Data management: organization, cleaning.
    • Web page creation and maintenance.
    • Familiar with R, LaTeX, html, css, JavaScript
  • I also happen to know a lot of things about medicinal plants, natural products, organic chemistry and biochemistry. As far as I am concerned, these areas form one seamless topic, and a great scientific story.
  • You just missed it: As of June 2018, I have retired from DePauw University after 32 years of teaching chemistry and biochemistry. It was a good run. No regrets. Just time to do something else. See previous point.
  • You can reach me at hanson@depauw.edu

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