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Prof. Hanson's Study Questions

I have collected here copies of the study questions that I pass out in class from time to time. These are generally intended to help you work on your problem solving skills after we have covered the basics in class. They are similar to the kinds of questions you can expect on exams, though sometimes they are longer than is practical for an exam. They are also roughly equivalent to the integrative-type problems at the end of the chapter in the text book.

Bonding and MO Theory

  • Mauve (topics: resonance, formal charges)
  • Smoke & Hippo (topics: resonance, formal charges)
  • Porphyrin (topics: resonance, MO's, lone pairs in hybrid orbitals)
  • Ketene (topics: MO energy diagrams)
  • Sulflower (topics: resonance, MO's, formal charges, aromaticity)

Spectroscopy (answers will not be posted to these; show me your answer for feedback)


van't Hoff

Useful Spectroscopy Handouts

Recommended Links to Organic Chemistry Topics

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