Winter Term 2000 in Peru:
Rainforest Remedies and Tropical Ecology

We've set this page up to share a little of our trip with others.  For our Winter Term trip, we had 8 days of class on campus studying medicinal plants and biodiversity, and then took a 9 day trip to Peru.  Our trip arrangements were handled by International Expeditions, and our host in Peru was Explorama Tours.  We were very impressed by their services, and had a safe and smooth trip.  We managed to see everything that was promised in abundance.

Group members were: Lauren Baker, Ryan Grider, Jen Keating, Keith Hanson, Cliff Mull, Mike O'Rourke, Rachel Miller, Susan Martin and Professor Bryan Hanson.  Everyone is in picture somewhere in this set.

Follow these links for the tour.  We hope you enjoy it, and feel free to ask anyone who went questions!

  • Scenes from Iquitos (8 pictures)
  • Medicinal Plants and Amazonian Health Care (9 pictures)
  • Creatures and plants we saw (7 pictures)
  • Life and Culture along the Amazon (14 pictures)
  • Pictures of our Group (14 pictures)

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