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The Egyptian people greatly value the traditions and history of their culture and ancestors.  As Egypt moves into the 21st century, many people see their country as getting away from their traditions and the values of their ancestors by becoming more technologically capable.  Others see this as a continuation of their tradition as innovators and inventors.  Other traditions involve honoring ancient religious holidays, beliefs, and customs.       

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Family is one of the most important aspects of Egyptian life.  The family is the top priority.  It is not at all uncommon for Egyptian people to greet each other by asking about the otherís mother or father. The importance of the family in Egypt goes beyond the household and into the public realm.  The treatment of family members translates into a comfortable social atmosphere when in public. Egyptians also conduct themselves in the most polite and respectful manner possible, especially when interacting with people they may not know very well.  It is insulting for you to allow someone to pay for their own meal while you are around.


Conservative moral standards

Egypt is a place of high moral and ethical standards, based upon the predominant Islamic beliefs.  While the general people are held at a high standard, government officials are held at a much higher standard.  There have been episodes in the recent past where government commissions were formed to investigate accusations that an official used foul language in public, as well as to investigate a member of Parliament for being seen in a nightclub. 

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