Chemistry 100 Fall 2017

Case Study Presentations

The case study is composed of two things: The grade for the case study is worth 30% of the course grade (click here for the form I will use to evaluate the case studies). The grade you will receive will be derived from:

Choosing your Topic


The following suggestions are good places to get started finding information about your plant. Some will be a bit technical: you'll need to scan for keywords, read the key headings, abstract etc. YMMV!

Check Point Meeting

What to Turn in When


Some Logistical Suggestions

What to Include

Botanical Background
About 2 minutes of the 15 minutes should be devoted to this botanical background.
Historical and Cultural Context of the Plant
About 5-6 minutes of the 15 minutes should be devoted to the context.
How the Plant Exerts its Medicinal Effect
The majority of your presentation should address these issues. Depending upon your plant and what is known about it, you may have a lot of detailed research available. Make certain you consult several major works about your plant to be sure you have the topic covered.

Things to Keep in Mind


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