Chemistry 100 Fall 2017

Extra Curricular Activities

Ten percent of your grade is allocated to extracurriculars. The current options are listed below, and more may be added as I become aware of them. If you come across resources that you think might be appropriate, please send me an e-mail. You need to complete three activities. Last update:

Time Sensitive Things

  • Wildflower Walks: Dates and times to be announced via e-mail, as we need to keep the weather in mind. These will be 1-2 hr walks in the Nature Park to identify interesting plants. We'll talk about how to identify plants and learn the story of the plants we find. Although it is fall, there are still lots of interesting things to see!

Anytime Things

Videos are on reserve at Prevo Library.
  • The following videos are part of a series on ethnobotany in the Amazon. All are call number RS175.A4 P43
    • Program 1: Plant Drugs, Healing Herbs and Phytomedicinals
    • Program 2: Pharmacology and Therapeutic Application of Plant Drugs
    • Program 3: Nutrition and the Amazon Food Pharmacy
    • Program 4: Tropical Medicine in the Rain Forest
    • Program 5: A Walk Through the ACEER Useful Plants Trail
    • Program 6: Ethnomedical Field Research in the Amazon
    • Program 7: The ACEER Useful Plants Trail Guide
    • A Walk in the Rain Forest with Dr. Jim Duke.
  • Other videos specifically on medicinal plants
    • The Jungle Pharmacy: Nature's Remedy RS180.I5 J86 1999
    • The Spice Trail HD9210.A2 S65 2011
    • The Science of Natural Healing. Lecture 9, Herbal Remedies RA776 .S35 2012
  • Miscellaneous videos
    • Percy Julian: Forgotten Genius QD22.J8 F67 2007(much of Julian's work involved medicinal and useful plants)
    • Embrace of the Serpent PN 1997 .A2326 (colonialism, indigenous groups, shamanism)
    • There is a list of movies involving medicinal plant themes here. Some are available at DePauw.
  • Things on the web (videos, talks, articles)
    • Wade Davis is a highly-regarded anthropologist and ethnobotanist. Watch one of his TED talks.
    • Harriet Hall, one of the contributors to the Science Based Medicine blog, has a set of ten videos on different aspects of that topic. Choose one video that catches your interest.
    • Alternative medicine vs. Pseudoscience. Read this article in the NYT, then read this response.
    • A talk by respected researcher Nancy Turner about the beliefs and plant uses of indigenous groups in British Columbia.
    • A talk by Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky about the biological underpinnnings of religion, including possibly connections to shamanism.
  • Write some medicinal plant poetry! Before proceeding, please stop by and tell me about your idea.

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