Chemistry 310 Spring 2018

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Day Topics Readings Etc. (do. before. class.)
Week 1
Jan. 29th
Introduction to the course. Important concepts from Chem 120/240. Study Question 0 (concept review) We will start this in class, I will bring copies.
Jan. 31st Acids & bases. Effect of structure on pKa. Energy diagrams. Why you don't need Table 1.3 Online Quiz! McBeg pgs 1-11. Know Table 1.1 Study Table 1.2 See also Organic Arrows and Biochemical Functional Groups McBeg problems 1.1acdegh, 1.3
Feb. 2nd Acids & bases con't. Online Quiz! McBeg problems 1.5, 1.6 Look at Table 1.2: What explains the huge difference in pKa between a ketone and a β-ketoester? Strongly suggest you look at Karty sections 6.1, 6.2ab, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5, 6.6ade (1st edition on reserve in Prevo) Download and study Phosphate Species. We will do this study question in class (I will bring copies).
Week 2
Feb. 5th
Effect of structure on acidity and reactivity, con't as needed. Electrophiles & nucleophiles, probably we can introduce electrophilic additions. Please look at this and read McBeg pgs 11-12, section 1.3 and do problem 1.2.
Feb. 7th Electrophilic additions to alkenes. SQ2b distributed in class. In Class Quiz! on acid-base concepts (last half of class).
Feb. 9th Electrophilic additions to alkenes, con't. Go over SQ2b, distribute SQ2 and SQ2a for practice.
Week 3
Feb. 12th
Introducing... Eliminations, and Substitutions at Saturated Carbons (which we have secretly been doing anyway...) Read McBeg sections 1.5 and 1.9 (in 1.9, focus on E1). Also, read McBeg pgs 166- 172, esp. study steps 1-4 of Figure 3.32
Feb. 14th Looking at active sites with Chimera Please download Chimera, install it, launch it, register it, and make sure it works. We'll play Study Questions 3 and 4 in class.
Feb. 16th Nucleophilic additions to carbonyls Read McBeg Section 1.6, the first part (pgs 19-22), the part on acetal formation (pgs 25-27) and the part on imine formation (pgs 23-25). Please review Tips for Drawing Mechanisms. We know enough now that this ought to be helpful. After you do the reading, take a look at Taxonomy of Acetals and Ketals, Find The Acetals Challenge and finally, Parallels and Analogies Among Carbonyl Additions.
Week 4
Feb. 19th
Carbonyl additions con't. Before class, please work on Study Question 3b. Try these problems: 2.26, 2.28. For both of these, think about hidden carbonyls. Hidden carbonyls lead to carbonyls, which can be attacked. Also, problem 2.28 runs the carbonyl addition process backwards, until it runs it forward (sounds nonsensical, but it's exactly what's going on, you'll see). Feel free to re-draw the structures by removing all the parts that are not changing. Focuses the mind! Last part of class there will be an in class quiz.
Feb. 21st Carbonyl additions con't. Practice!
Feb. 23rd Read about conjugate additions on pg. 27. Carbonyl additions con't. and Practice of All Kinds Try the following McBeg questions. Some are general practice, some are closely linked to our recent mechanisms: 1.7, 1.12, 1.14, 1.16, 1.17, 1.18 (think about resonance to get the nucleophile in the right place), 1.19 (think about 1.18, 1.7a and 1.7c for hints), 2.12 Study figures 1.16 and 1.17.
Week 5
Feb. 26th
More work with nucleophilic additions to carbonyls. Practice of all kinds!
Feb. 28th Bring your questions! Bring your questions!
Mar. 2nd Exam #1 Exam #1
Week 6
Mar. 5th
Bryan is out of town!
Mar. 7th Bryan is out of town! SNC=O. Read McBeg sections 1.7 and 3.1 Using what you learn in 1.7 draw a mechanism for the reaction shown in the middle of pg. 118. Do problem 3.14 but use Chimera. Try Karty problems 20.52, 21.52, 21.53 (Karty is on reserve in Prevo Library). Download this scheme and study it. Download this folder containing Chimera files to use with Study Question 5
Mar. 9th Bryan is out of town!
Week 7
Mar. 12th
Carbonyl condensations: aldol and Claisen condensations Read McBeg section 1.8 carefully! Do problems 1.8ab, 1.9, 1.10. Try Karty problems 20.42.
Mar. 14th Practice with carbonyl condensations Do as much of Study Question 6 as possible before class.
Mar. 16th Practice with carbonyl condensations. Quiz 2nd half of class Work problem 1.13
Week 8
Mar. 19th
Introduction to polyketides Work problem 1.21 Read McBeg section 3.4 (skip step 3) and section 7.4 (don't worry about the references to the mysterious "cytochrome P450")
Mar. 21st Polyketides con't Study Question 7a Study Question 7b Study Question 7d
Mar. 23rd ??? SQ 7d due by noon!
Spring Break! Spring Break!
Week 9
Apr. 2nd
The Polyketide Game! Assuming you have done SQ 7a start on Study Question 7c
Apr. 4th Bring your questions! Bring your questions!
Apr. 6th Bring your questions! Bring your questions!
Week 10
Apr. 9th
Exam #2 Exam #2
Apr. 11th Glycolysis, review carbohydrate stereochemistry etc. Read McBeg 4.1, 4.2, review 2.1, 2.3
Apr. 13th Glycolysis con't Try McBeg problems 4.7, 4.9, 4.10, 4.12
Week 11
Apr. 16th
Fates of Pyruvate, Citric Acid Cycle Read McBeg 4.3, 4.4, Try problems 4.1, 4.2, 4.5
Apr. 18th Citric Acid Cycle con't, electrochemical aspects
Apr. 20th Transamination Reactions Read McBeg 5.1 Try problems 5.3, 5.5, 5.9. Try Study Question 8 on TCA-related pathways.
Week 12
Apr. 23rd
Transaminations con't Take a good look at Table 5.10, then try problems 5.14 and 5.19. Try Study Question 10
Apr. 25th Bring your questions! Bring your questions!
Apr. 27th Exam #3 Exam #3
Week 13
Apr. 30th
Paper discussion TBA
May 2nd Paper discussion TBA
May 4th Practice/Review
Week 14
May 7th
May 9th Course Evaluations
May 17th 1:00 pm Final Exam Final Exam

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