Chemistry 335 Spring 2018

Prebiotic Chemistry

Gatherings:1:40 - 2:40 pm MW Julian 368

Texts: There is no text for this course. We will work exclusively from the primary literature which you can download. Articles will be announced well in advance.

Office Info: JSMC 363 e-mail "hanson" Please feel free to drop by, or for more certainty, make an appointment if you have any questions or problems. E-mail is always welcome!

Prerequisites: You should have taken Chem 310 or 320.

Grading: We will discuss grading during the first class, but primarily, grades will be calculated based upon your answers to selected questions from the reading guides. Most of the time, I will ask you to answer these in written form, but at times students may be asked to give answers during class discussions. I may choose to incorporate other ways of evaluating you as well; these will be announced in advance. Details about how I grade are available at the Class Policies and Grading page. It is your responsibility to know the policies.

Assignments, Reading and Class Rhythm The basic rhythm or pattern to this class will be as follows:

  1. The first two class meetings will be used to give an general orientation to the topic of prebiotic chemistry.
  2. On Wednesdays or Thursdays you will receive a paper to read and prepare to discuss the following Monday and Wednesday. This will be the main activity of the class.
  3. Usually I will give a reading guide as well, which will be available on Fridays. It is essential that you do the reading and carefully consider the reading guide before coming to class on Monday and Wednesday. Here is the Detailed Daily Schedule
  4. A portion of each reading guide will include questions for you to answer, usually in written format. These will usually be due on Fridays after our discussion on Monday and Wednesday.

Digital Etiquette: Do not use your phone during class to send or read texts, catch up on e-mail, chat etc. Professors, and everyone around you, find it very distracting when you are using these items. If you cannot keep your eyes off of these devices, please skip class and study elsewhere. Don't kid yourself – you are not getting anything out of the class when you read or send a text every few minutes. The university does use our mobile devices to notify us in an emergency. If that happens, it should be obvious, since they will all buzz within a few seconds.

Other Important Stuff:

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