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Understanding Medicinal Plants: Their Chemistry and Therapeutic Action

Prof. Bryan Hanson

Instructor's Resource Page for Chapter 6

Key Points

Chapter 6 teaches students how to think on a molecular level about how drugs work, building upon the concepts in earlier chapters.  First the general issues of adsorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME to the medicinal chemist) are covered, relying heavily on students’ understanding of how structure affects polarity (developed in Chapters 3 & 5).  Then, the issues of how drugs bind to their targets are developed using some basic notions about complementary shapes and intermolecular attractions.  This material is essential to understanding the case studies in Chapter 7.

Learning Objectives

Teaching Ideas, Activities & Resources

Chapter Materials

The background on this page is a 19th century woodcut of Phytolacca americana.
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