Costa Rica Photo Journal
DePauw University WT 2003
Medicinal Plants and Traditional Healing in Costa Rica

Our visit to the Brunka people (15 pictures)
Plants (25 pictures)
Animals (15 pictures)
The group (4 pictures)
Las Cruces and beyond... (10 pictures)

Click on the thumbnail pictures on each web page to see larger versions.  These larger versions are generally less than 300K in size.  Depending upon the speed of your internet connection these may take a while to load.  Other than the picture size, these pages are very simple and should load quickly.

Photos in this series were contributed by a variety of people.  File names containing KO are the work of Kerry O'Conner,  File names containing KR were taken by Kristi Reinacker.  All others were taken by Bryan Hanson.  Copyrights to the pictures remain with their creators.  Thanks to work-study students Brooke and Katie for scanning and processing the photos!

Last updated February 2003
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