In 1986, astronomer Carl Sagan decided to try his hand at a novel. The result was Contact, a narrative of the first meeting between humanity and a far greater power. Combining Sagan's love of philosophy, study of extraterrestrial life, and hope for the future, Contact is a search through the unknown, examining science, religion, Earth, and the Cosmos. This website is a small collection of information and analysis for anyone reading the novel to enjoy as a supplement to the work.

To begin, there is a short biography of the author. Since Carl Sagan poured much of his knowledge and questions into Contact, so learning a bit about him would benefit readers.

A short summary of the book's plot is provided. It's just a quick way to remember what has happened in the novel. I should point out that there are spoilers on this page and in the rest of the site.

There is a comparision of the film version of Contact to the novel, with links to film reviews at the end.

Three different pages of analysis and speculation brought on from the novel are offered. The first looks at extraterrestrial life, the possibilities suggested by the novel, and what we might expect if we were to come in contact with other civilizations. The second analyzes the possibility, nature, and role of a supernatural being in the Universe. The third is a more down-to-earth look at the politics and culutre in the novel.

There's a short trivia section about Sagan, the book, the movie, and the science involved. It's a proper website now.

Links to other sites are provided for further reading and learning. There is a page of information for contacting me, and a page with works I have used for my research.

The search for life beyond our planet continues. But what will happen when we find it?


This website was created as a class project for Professor Arthur Evans's Speculative Futures seminar.