Criticism for Firefly

As a television series

“…smart, beautifully shot, insanely entertaining…”

- Dawn Taylor, The DVD Journal


Firefly, by design, flies in the face of tradition, giving us characters who aren’t so much heroes as survivors.”

-Bryan Byun, DVD Verdict


 Firefly, Joss Whedon’s Western in space, is great television and beats a lot of big screen sci-fi offerings too. Clever and funny with interesting and likeable characters, Firefly boasts some decent special effects and production designs.”

-James O’Ehly, The Sci-Fi Movie Page


Firefly and Fox Studios

 “The studio never properly supported the series from the beginning, first by nixing the pilot and forcing the series to begin in mid-stream, then by airing episodes out of sequence (deadly for a series that focuses as much on ongoing stories as this one) and constantly pre-empting the show in favor of baseball games. Despite all these bungles, Firefly quickly attracted a loyal audience, who fought tooth and nail to keep the show on the air.”

-Bryan Byun, DVD Verdict


Firefly was prematurely cancelled by a network anxious to make room for more junk on its schedule.”

-Paul De Angelis,


Firefly the space opera

“The beauty of Firefly is its original take of the science fiction series, coupled with Joss Whedon’s unique brand of quirky, cliché-overturning storytelling.”

-Bryan Byun, DVD Verdict

 “Creator Joss Whedon is taking what is implicit in a certain subgenre of science fiction (Gene Roddenberry originally pitched Star Trek as “Wagon Train to the Stars”) and made it literal. It not only works, it’s surprisingly nonintrusive”.

-Paul De Angelis,


“The idea of mixing the Wild West with “Star Wars” is one of the most dangerous high-concept ideas in years.”

-Tim Goodman, the San Francisco Chronicle


“When I say Western in space I don’t mean that Firefly merely recycles Western plot points when it comes to plots (as anything from Star Wars and Outland to Ghosts of Mars has done). No, it also uses some Western visual motifs and designs in the same way Treasure Planet appropriated pirate ships, etc.”

-James O’Ehly, SciFi Movie Page

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