Derrial Book

(played by Ron Glass)

Book is one of only three characters who openly support religious views (“Inara Serra (Firefly Character)”). He is a Shepard, which is a futuristic Christian preacher or holy man in which denomination is not designated. When he boarded Serenity, he never specified his reasons for traveling to the outer settlements, and his goals remain ambiguous. Although he visits an abbey and occasionally says prayers or refers to the Bible, he does not actively seek a congregation to preach to, although he might be interested in restoring morality to the crew. Book is calm, helpful, and dignified. There is a mystery about his character, because several incidents allude to a darker past of the peaceful Shepard. When Book is wounded in “Safe”, he shows a card to the Allied forces which help him to keep the crew from trouble and ensures him medical help (“Safe (Firefly Episode)”). Also, in “Objects in Space”, the bounty hunter looks at Book and says with a laugh “That ain’t a Shepard” (“Objects in Space (Firefly Episode)”). Finally, throughout the series and especially in “War Stories”, he shows that he has a sound knowledge of criminal activity, weapons, and fighting. (“War Stories (Firefly Episode)”) Whenever he is questioned, he will not talk about his past. His secrets might die with Book, though, because in the film Serenity he is killed without revealing his past.


Ron Glass

Ron Glass is seminary graduate from Indiana who has been present in television and film. His television career includes starring in the long running series Barney Miller as well as appearing in many series including Disney’s Teen Angel and Good Times. (“Ron Glass”).





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