Simon Tam

(played by Sean Maher)

While quickly rising to a prestigious position in the medical world, Simon abandons his career as a trauma surgeon to save his sister River from government authorities (“Firefly”). Because he was raised in an upper class, elegant society, he sometimes doesn’t fit in with the rest of the crew. He was an unusually intelligent child (although not as gifted as River), originally supported the Unification, and can be idealistic (“Simon Tam (Firefly Character)”). His kindness, selflessness, educated manner, and fierce loyalty to his sister are his defining characteristics. He attempts to pursue a relationship with Kaylee, but his own awkwardness and, as revealed in “Objects in Space”, obligations to his sister usually defer his attempts (“Simon Tam (Firefly Character)”). Simon is positive about his situation aboard “Serenity” even though he does miss his former life.


Sean Maher

Sean Maher is an American actor who has been featured in the stage and screen. He acted in the stage production of Yerma and Into the Woods as well as the television shows Party of Five and CSI: Miami. In the short-lived television show Ryan Caufield: Year One Maher played the title character (“Sean Maher”).





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