Hoban ‘ Wash’ Washburne

(played by Alan Tudyk)

Wash is a talented pilot who chose to fly Serenity over other ships (“Fireflywiki.org ‘Character’”). Usually he is calm, laid back, and provides a lightening sense of humor. For example, he is level-headed while flying through particularly difficult areas, but when he is by himself he plays with the plastic dinosaurs he keeps in the cockpit. He becomes nervous in dangerous situations, and, notably in “War Stories”, expresses a desire to have more of an assertive role in his relationship with the other crewmates. Very loyal to the crew, he even helps to rescue Mal after Wash was tortured to a point where he could barely stand (“War Stories (Firefly Episode)”).

Wash is married to Zoë, and assumes the more passive, traditionally female role in their marriage. He expresses concern that she is more loyal to Mal than their marriage, but his experiences with Mal in “War Stories” seem to soothe this suspicion (“Hoban Washburne (Firefly Episode)”).


Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk is a Julliard theater graduate who has been present in film, television, and the stage. His films include Patch Adams, 28 Days, A Knight’s Tale, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, and I, Robot; his television shows include Frasier, Arrested Development, and Into the West; and his stage acting includes Epic Proportions, Wonder of the World, and Spamalot (“Alan Tudyk”).





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