Jeffrey S. Dunn Courses
210 Asbury Hall
DePauw University
Greencastle, IN 46135


I am an assistant professor in the
philosophy department at DePauw University. Before that I was a graduate student at UMass, Amherst, and an undergraduate at Washington State University. I also studied briefly as an undergraduate at Reading University.

My research interests are in epistemology, philosophy of science, and logic. I am specifically interested in issues in formal epistemology. I have been focused on better understanding what it is to have evidence according to various formal models. More recently, I have focused on epistemic utility theory and epistemic consequentialism more generally.

I was recently awarded a grant from the British Academy for a project on epistemic consequentialism, together with my co-investigator, Kristoffer Ahlstrom-Vij (Kent). As part of the project we'll be organizing a workshop at LSE's Centre for the Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CNPSS) in 2014 and an international conference at the University of Kent in 2015.