This web site deals with recent efforts to create a 1-bit half-adder that is powered by water. This device was built as a pedagogical tool, primarily for students who are enrolled in a computer organization or computer architecture course.

In our Water Adder the binary digit 1 is represented by the presence of water while a 0 is represented by the absence of water. Hence to add two inputs A and B, add water to each input that is to start at 1, and let inputs that start at 0 begin the addition in a dry state.

The above picture shows the Flash representation of the Water Adder with both inputs in the "on" or 1 state. To understand how the Adder works, you can view the flash animations, videos, pictures, or documents by navigating to them using the menu to the left. The flash animation is probably the best way to understand the overall device as well as each of its components.