Humberto Barreto


The video and audio links below are actually pretty large files. Depending on how your browser is configured, you may begin to play the file automatically or you might download it.

Monte Rouge: This short film was seen by many Cubans on the island in early 2005. As usual, there is spectacular disagreement about the film. Google "monte rouge" if you want to learn more.

Barreto on Maceo: This is a video of a short talk I gave on Antonio Maceo in 2003.

I also have audio, in Spanish, of the Miami DJs who tricked Chavez and Castro. They are hilarious to listen to, especially Castro at the end when he realizes he's been had:



El Romerillo is one of my favorite Alvarez Guedes jokes. It's funny and depicts so clearly the confidence of every Cuban I know. Google "romerillo" to see that it's quite real.

I posted the graph below on a BBC discussion board a few years ago:


For the data, see this Excel workbook, EconomicGrowthCubaCRDR.xls, making sure to enable macros when you open it.

I posted a reply to a Brookings blog post that had a typo (claimed average age was 54.7, which is obviously false) and when I checked the source, they meant the dependency ratio was 54.7, which is also false, it's about 41. It is true that demography trends are going to cause a lot of trouble in the future as the population pyramid makes quite clear:

Cuba Pop Pyramid

For the data, see this Excel workbook: CubaPopPyramid.xls.