Humberto Barreto

Papers and Projects

Jan 2022: One-shot Introduction to Inequality, Gini, and Redistribution via Microsoft Excel

CTREE Chicago 2022 Version: OneShotInequalityGiniRedistribution.docx

Excel Workbook:



July 2021: Using Excel to Teach Principles of Microeconomics

Working Paper version:

Excel Workbook:



Aug 2020: A Covid-19 Teaching Example: Pooled Testing with Microsoft Excel

LaTex files for paper (with figures):

Excel Workbook:



May 2019: Rational Addiction with Excel

Word doc of paper presented at 2019 CTREE (AEA) in St. Louis, MO

Excel Workbook: RationalAddiction.xlsm


July 2018: Cuban Demography and Economic Consequences

Word doc of paper presented at 2018 ASCE in Miami, FL

Excel Workbook: PopPyrCuba.xlsm (12MB)


April 2018: Form 990 Data

Excel Files:

File Size (MB)
Form990.xlsm 0.6
Form990OurSmallSample.xlsm 16.5
Endowment.xlsx 0.4
Tuition.xlsx 0.3
Compensation.xlsx 0.1



Working Paper version:

June 2017: The Role of Distance in College Undermatching (with Lois Miller)

Data: UndermatchFinalData.xlsm

Appendix: AppendixSurvey.doc


Submitted and revised journal version:

8 Aug 2017: Let's Put Demography Back into Economics: Population Pyramids in Excel



Working Paper version (no LFPR or Mig; no API call):

May 2016: Let's Put Demography Back into Economics: Population Pyramids in Excel



Jan 2011: Explaining More Passing as a Rational Response to Decreased Risk

Working paper version of this paper: ExplainingPassing.pdf

Team data set: NFLTeamData19702009.xls

Play-by-play data set: NFLPlayData2005.xls


Aug 2010: Testing Optimization

Summer research with Ryne Weppler. We implement the lifeguard problem in an Excel workbook.

PDF of paper with description and explanation. (forthcoming)

LifeguardGame.xls (on open, be sure to enable macros)


July 2009: Parrondo's Paradox: the puzzling fact that two losing games can be combined to yield a winning game.


Parrando’s paradox is analyzed via Monte Carlo simulation and Markov chains within Microsoft Excel. The properties of individual and mixed games are clearly demonstrated. The accompanying Excel workbook, Parrondo.xls, enables the reader to replicate results, verify claims, and extend the analysis in unforeseen ways.

Paper Excel Workbook Excel Macro Instructions
ParrondoSSRN2.pdf Parrondo.xls EnableMacros.doc


June 1995: I wrote the Coase/Pigou paper below, but I never published it after a correspondence with Coase left me completely confused and unsure of my position. My review of Medema's Hesitant Hand (in Research in the History of Economic Thought and Methodology) reminded me of this episode and since I refer to my Coase/Pigou paper in the review, I decided to make it available here. Please do not quote it without my permission.

Pigou, Coase, and Efficiency Applied to Pennsylvania Coal Mining Law


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